About ManageBac

What is ManageBac?

ManageBac was founded in 2006 to transition schools off paper onto a Curriculum First learning platform, which acts as the core repository of a school’s curriculum and academic records, including attendance, assessment, coursework, exams and activities management.

Today, we serve over 2,300 international schools and over 600,000 students, including 4 in 5 IB Diploma students, in 120 countries with a distributed global team. Our graduating student cohort equals ~12% of all inbound international students attending university in the US, UK, Australia and Canada.

Our service commitment to schools encompasses global 24-hour telephone & e-mail support Monday through Friday with weekend coverage for the Middle East, over 600 annual on-site visits, and hosting annual user group conferences in each region. Our annualised churn rate of less than 1% together with a sustained compound annual ARR growth rate of over 60% since 2012 best reflects this enduring service commitment and our record of product development.

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